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1. Set Visio File Format

VERY IMPORTANT! These instruction were part of the installation procedure and checklist, but worth mentioning again.

powerDRAW 4.0 is only compatible with the Visio 2003-2010 VSD file format. It is not compatible with the newer Visio 2013-2016 VSDX file format. This format change must be made for powerDRAW on all compatible versions of Visio - including Visio 2019.

Go to the File > Visio Options > Save tab. Select the Visio 2003-2010 VSD file format. Click OK

Open powerDRAW.JPG

2. Open Powerdraw from Start Menu

From your Start Menu, find the powerDRAW Start command in the ‘P’ section of your programs list..

Or, you can Pin the Start command to your Start Favourites or Tiles and open from there.

You double click on powerDRAW files in Windows Explorer to open them - but they must be saved in the .pdd format.

Do not open powerDRAW files from within an email or a zip file.

Tool Bar.JPG

3. Tool Bar Add-Ins Tab

Once powerDRAW opens, you will basically have the Visio Tool Bar and the Add-Ins Tab for powerDRAW.

The most commonly used tabs are the Home Tab and the Add-Ins Tab which can be sorted out into 3 sections.

File Management Buttons.JPG

To the left in the Add-Ins Tab your will find the File Management Buttons for Opening Templates, Opening Existing Drawings and the Save/Save As commands.

Drawing Speed Buttons.JPG

In the of the center of the Add-Ins Tab you will find the Drawing Speed Buttons. These can be used on singular icons or more importantly, groups of icons or strings, for editing new or existing drawings.

Auxillary Buttons.JPG

In the far right of the Add-Ins Tab you will find some Auxiliary Buttons for miscellaneous tasks such as Copy powerDRAW Page (the whole page) or just Copy and Paste between drawings to ensure all the icon properties carry over.

New powerDRAW Drawing2.JPG

4. Create New Drawings - Open Templates

In the File Management buttons

Important! Do not use the Visio File tab for Saving powerDRAW Drawings.


5. Save and Save As Files

IMPORTANT! Do not use the Visio File tab for saving powerDRAW Drawings. Make sure you use the Save or Save As powerDRAW Drawing Buttons.


This Video is part of our Introductory Drawing Tutorial Package. It shows adding data to the tables & icons, and building the well configuration & string. It demonstrates the entire process of drawing in powerdraw, from start to finish in 30 minutes. No fast motion.

The Drawing Tutorial Package includes…

  • Branded Printing Template samples, Metric and Imperial page sizes, with a corporate logo and colors to match.

  • Branded Tool Icon Set, Each icon having custom data, colors, and view defaults, compiled using the powerdraw SAVE BACK feature.

  • The Final Drawing file, completed, using the Branded Template and Icons. Use this as reference and ultimately, for your tutorial objective.

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