well schematic plug-in for visio

Well Schematic Drawing Plug-In for Visio

Visualize your oil and gas wells with the highest quality wellbore schematics.

A short video of powerdraw 2019 features.


Powerdraw Well Schematic Samples


Create Wellbore Configurations and Completion Strings for Conventional or Horizontal Wells



Free powerdraw Tool Icon

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Download and Test Drive a powerdraw Tool Icon.

Use in Visio (with limited functionality) and see just how easy to use they are. Use in powerdraw and really improve your schematics.

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Easy and intuitive, drag and drop Tool Icons with Added Drawing Automation

24 Tool Icon Sets with hundreds of views! Such as open or closed, various sizes, show ball, show plug, set or unset - or other applicable views to enhance visual recognition.
• Multiple Product Descriptions.
• Shape Data - ID, OD & Length.
• Balloon and Depth Tags.
• Casings, Tubulars and other tools have Zip Feature to easily lengthen the tool.
• Free Rotation, Free Move, Free Stretch for resizing.
• Drop Snap on set grid to ensure alignment consistency.
• Free Move Tool Icons to over-ride Drop Snap.



Auto Depth Calculation and Balloon Numbering

New Automatic Depth Calc Feature! Automatically tag all tool icons with balloons in sequence, up or down. Automatically tag all tool icons in string with depth tags and then with the New Auto Calc Feature, calculate all tool string depths to surface.


Icon SaveBack.jpg

Create Custom branded Tool Icons

Use existing powerdraw Tool Icons to re-color to match corporate branding, then set your preferred view and add your own product descriptions & datas. Then use the New Save Back Feature, to create your own library of Custom Stencils.



Export Product Details Table to Excel

Export the Product Details from a powerdraw Drawing to Excel. This can be used in conjunction with exporting the drawing separately as well.



Printing Templates – Horizontal, Vertical or Blank

Use the Automated Printing Templates for Proposals or Final Installation Report with basic Tables integrated with the Tool Icon Data.

Or use the Blank Printing template as an open canvas to create schematics without tables or for exporting the drawing to other Windows program, such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

Customize templates with your corporate logo and colours. Build a library of custom templates with a variety of layouts and well drawings. Quickly edit the templates and save loads of time.


Microsoft® Visio


Visio is a powerful, easy to use, vector based diagramming program with a much lower cost than traditional CAD systems.

Combined with powerdraw, you have an efficient well schematic drawing tool, enabling users to quickly create high quality, professional schematics.

You also have full access to Visio's drawing power. Be a 'Rock Star' and take your drawings to the next level. Impress your clients!

Visio must be purchased separately, typically from a software dealer representing your country. We suggest a search online with "Visio Standard" to find the best deal possible for you.


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